Roof Dammuso

Il Dammuso

Typical houses of the island of Pantelleria, the dammusi are the result of the Arab civilization and of the work of the people of Pantelleria. The dammuso arose as rural element and takes into account the peculiarities of this island: the wind, the heat, the lack of rain and the richness of lava material. All the elements that characterize these houses have a specific function. The domed roofs are used to collect rainwater in cisterns; the thick walls, up to a meter thick, provide insulation against heat in summer and cold in winter. As well as the small size of windows and doors. Almost always alongside a dammuso there is a circular wall in lava stone called “jardinu” within which are cultivated fruit trees, well protected from the incessant wind that beats the island.

Today the respect of this tradition, combined with the creativity of a few architects, has transformed these farm houses into stylish homes with a charm of its own. The absence of common elements in our daily life make the experience unique: no more doors between the rooms, but a succession of alcoves and winding corridors. Soft ceilings above us while the twilight keeps the house cool.
Even more interesting are the outdoor spaces: terraces that cut the land, the green vineyards, olive groves, the colorful bougainvillea and elongated Palm trees enrich the gardens and are the framework for these homes … well be really prepared to unique and unrepeatable visions.