How to get to Pantelleria

How to get to Pantelleria

Getting to Pantelleria is not always easy, nor short: we are in the middle of the Strait of Sicily, closer to the African Coast line than to the Sicilian. Perhaps this “inaccessibility” makes it quiet, stress free place… take time and enjoy the journey toward the destination.

Flights to Pantelleria

Pantelleria is connected all your around with at least two flights daily with the Sicilian cities of Palermo and Trapani. Flights are provided by Danish Air  Transport.

Both Palermo and Trapani are also connected with the main Italian cities, so you can easily come from everywhere making a stop over in Sicily.
Throughout the Summer season there are several direct flights from the main Italian city, generally from Milan Linate, Milan Malpensa, Bergamo Orio al Serio, Bologna, Venice and Rome. Time schedule and rates change frequently so we really suggest to contact directly the airlines through their website. During summer season there also is a direct flight from Lugano, Switzerland, operated by Etihad Regional… a personal note: the sooner you’ll book your flight, the less expansive they will be!

FROM TRAPANI FERRY From Sunday to Friday departure at 23:00 hours from Trapani sea port. From June 1st everyday of the week.
Info & booking Siremar office: +39.0923.24968
FROM TRAPANI ALISCAFO From June 20 to September 10 departure everyday from Trapani seaport at 13.20 hours.
Info & Booking Usticaline office: +39.0923.873913

How to get to Pantelleria by ferry

The main boat service is provided by Siremar with really old and below-the-standard boats that are able to transport people and vehicle. Due the condition of the boats many services are canceled because the sea condition…again if you have time, it could be an interesting, but not suggested, experience!

By the way, if you want to come by boat, call the number indicated in the chart after 9.00 pm, to make sure he boat departs: this way you’ll avoid to arrive at the seaport thinking you’re leaving but you’re not!

There is another service offered by Traghetti delle Isole“. that it is even more complicate to catch! It departs at 2.00 pm but not always can take passengers as it is mainly used to transport goods, gas tank, etc etc

Lastly there is the Hydrofoil service by “Ustica Lines“. that runs from June 20th to September 10th. If you don’t need to bring your car, it is a better and faster alternative to the “old boat”: in just 2 hours you’ll be able to reach Pantelleria.

In the following chart you’ll find the phone numbers and the website to get in touch with them!

On the following chart you’ll find the different company’s website and phone number. Please contact them as they may vary the information we have!